Sexy Cities for that Romantic Getaway

There are some very wonderful cities all over the world that will give you the experience of a lifetime if you are looking for a romantic get away. Palm Springs, California is a fantastic city, full of weekend spa getaways, golf course and some of the most wonderful weather in the United States.

Speaking of the world, you cannot think of romance without consider Paris, France with it’s cafes night life and artists sitting along the waterways, painting the next great painting. Consider acquiring some Paris cabaret tickets and remember the Eiffel Tower has been the location of many proposals for a woman’s hand in marriage.

Venice, Italy is a fantastic paradise for lovers, with the amazing gondola rides and the waterways that make their way through the city. Italy is full of vineyards, wonderful meals and romance everywhere. These cities are some of the better known in the world but also expensive. Perhaps you are on a budget and looking for romance?

Try some cities that are romantic and not as well known. Amsterdam in the Netherlands is a well-known city in the world but not known as a romance hotspot. It is not a huge tourist destination, though it does see it’s share of travelers. These people have discovered what an amazing city it is. There are 165 canals that you can take a romantic boat ride on and this is known as ‘the city of love’ to many people in the Dutch capital.

Galway, Ireland offers much music and nightlife. There are many festivals and things for an active couple and if you find art to be romantic, there are galleries everywhere. The views of the rocky Irish coast are right here at Galway. The vistas offer views of the sea that could only be considered romantic.

Vienna, Austria is full of style and beauty. The city is welcoming and renowned around the world for being a tourist destination of romantic proportions. The coffee shops and the opera house are two of the biggest attractions that the city has to offer. Nothing is as amazing as enjoying the cities architecture, while sitting in an outdoor cafe, drinking a cup of the world’s best coffee. Unless, of course, you add to this staring into the eyes of your love.

While this is just a short list of suggestions, it should be noted that any city can truly be a romantic place to be, when you are with the one that you love.