Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Cape Town

There’s something about Cape Town that makes me want to keep coming back. People always ask why I love it here, so here are my top 10 reasons.

  1. The people: Apart from the robbers and rapists, South Africans are generally very friendly and interesting people. In the past few years, I’ve had three different South African roommates. Now doesn’t that say something?
  2. Nature: Two words: mountain & ocean. Big priorities when it comes to what I look for in a city!
  3. Food: Markets, markets, and more food markets. Not just once in a blue moon either! Everything from delicious local eats to artisan and homemade goodies. Cape Town is also home to a lot of good restaurants! From fine dining with a view, to cute cafés, unique restaurants, and cuisines from around the world, this city pretty much has it all!
  4. Outdoor activities: Home to some of the best outdoor spots, you will never run out of things to do. Hiking, rock climbing, yoga, surfing, kiteboarding, safaris, abseiling, triathlons, marathons, swimming, cycling, rugby, cricket. and the list goes on.
  5. Beaches: Cape Town has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Depending on your mood, choice of activity, or location, there are a variety of beaches to choose from!
  6. Events: Whether you want to attend a sporting event, fundraiser, concert, music festival, run a marathon, network with entrepreneurs, volunteer with a non-profit, go to an art show, wine tasting at a vineyard, or show up at a pop-up shop, there is always something going on!
  7. Art & Music: There is something about the art and music vibe here that I find very inspiring! Capetonians are such creative and innovative people. You see it in the way they dance, the artists at the markets, and even the carpenters on the side of the road. Apart from local art and music, the city is a hub for international artists visiting Africa. Music festivals are also pretty happening during summer!
  8. Culture: Cape Town is an extremely colorful city that celebrates it’s cultural and ethnic diversity. It is considered one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with a mixture of Dutch, French, British, Malay, Portuguese influences and 11 official languages.
  9. History: There is so much to learn from the history of a country, especially this one. For starters, Apartheid (a system of racial segregation) only ended in 1994. From 1948 until then, South Africa was divided by four groups: White, Black, Colored, and Indian. Interracial relationships were considered a crime and the white minority ruled everything. Not to mention that after 27 years of incarceration, Mandela led a series of negotiations to finally end apartheid and was elected president. This country is so rich in history!
  10. Overall atmosphere: Cape Town has done a great job in keeping the city alive! The vibe, the culture, the people, things to do and see. The atmosphere here is very stimulating, but keep in mind you must take in the good and the bad. Considering that it’s one of the most developed cities in Africa, it’s very easy to get comfortable here. Last but certainly not least, can’t forget about the scenic coastal drives and a view of Table Mountain every time you leave your house!

That’s enough reason for a girl to stay, right?