Kon Ka Kinh National Park

Kon Ka Kinh National Park is about 50km north-east from the city of Pleiku (Gia Lai), located in the area between east and west of the Annamite Mountains. Reportedly, the garden takes its name after the name of Kon Ka Kinh highest mountain, higher than 1.748m above sea level. The mountain is also known as the “roof of Gia Lai province.”

Kon Ka Kinh National Park located in the Three River Valley has an elevation from 570m to 1748 m (top of Kon Ka Kinh), under the KBang district, Dak Doa and Mang Yang. The climate is cool all year round with average temperatures 18 – 20oC. According to incomplete statistics, the region has over 652 plant species (of which about 110 species can be used as pharmaceuticals).

42 species of mammals, 160 species of birds, more than 51 species of reptiles, amphibians and nearly 210 butterflies. Kon Ka Kinh National Park along with Ba Be, Hoang Lien and Chu Mom Ray National Park are four National Parks of Vietnam and among the 27 gardens of Southeast Asia to be recognized as ASEAN Heritage Park.

Kon Ka Kinh National Park is nearly 42.000ha wide, including 2,000 ha of mixed forest between broad-leaved trees and conifers, there are rare plants such as po-mu, rosewood, parashorea, pedocarpus fleurgi, etc. This is the only place in Vietnam with this type of mixed forest. The long vine types, tangled in the woods at first can do a bit uncomfortable for tourists because of entanglement.

But these vines made the natural network in the jungle to be the natural bridge between the forest canopies for small animals to move, live, and to be the favorable conditions created for the forest biodiversity. Mixed with the trees of hundreds years old, tens of meters high pointing to the sky is blue-green vegetation, the flowers of all shapes and colors often change color depending on altitude , the intensity of light where they live.

The attraction of the Kon Ka Kinh National Park is in river system, streams, waterfalls, naturally beautiful whirlpools as Dak Pooc waterfall, Knia streams, Dak Ko Bung fall, etc. Fall 95 is famous and most beautiful with a height of about 40m. Looking to 95 Fall from a distance like a white silk gliding by thousands of great tunes on the lush, green forest.

In summer, cool waters of the waterfall makes the air always cool. Climbing on Kon Ka Kinh and looking around, visitors will experience the grandeur of the Truong Son mountains: the high mountains covered with clouds, from above the waterfall rushing white foam, echoed the roar of wild animals singing interspersed calling each other of birds, etc.

Not only having diversified fauna and flora, rich and spectacular scenery, Kon Ka Kinh National Park also serves as a protected watershed of major rivers such as the Ba River, Dak River PNE, ensuring irrigation water for thousands of hectares of coffee, pepper and agricultural land of the two provinces of Gia Lai, Kon Tum …

Here, visitors will have hours of carefree, resort between unspoiled nature, learn the traditional culture of ethnic character of the Central Highlands in association with the history of the Truong Son range. That would be indispensable item to visit the villages of ethnic minorities Tay Nguyen (mostly Ba Na). This is a chance for visitors to see firsthand, know and attend the special cultural activity is the ancient capital of the Central Highlands.