Holidaying In The Canary Islands

When the weather in the United Kingdom turns dour, many Britons look south for a little relief from the darkness, mist , rain and snow. The Mediterranean coast tends to be a good first choice, but it can be a bit tepid in the middle of winter, for those that like it hot.

Without having to shell out for a long distance flight to Thailand or the Caribbean, the Canary Islands are an excellent choice that isn’t too far from the capitals of Western Europe. Being a far flung Spanish protectorate, but lying off the coast of Saharan Africa, the weather is dry and warm all throughout the Northern Hemisphere winter, making for an ideal vacation spot that is plenty warm, without the bothersome humidity.

This is all well and good, you may be thinking, but what else is there to do on these islands other than lying on the beach, you ask? The simple answer to this inquiry is that there are plenty of attractions to keep the inquisitive traveler occupied, the details of which are contained below.

  1. Nightlife in Las Palmas

Before getting out into the many natural attractions that the Canary Islands have to offer, sample its legendary nightlife in the regional capital of Las Palmas. Many young and beautiful Spaniards of college age frequent the bars in the nightlife district of this bustling town, making a prime choice for the younger set intent on whooping it up. In particular, we suggest you patronize Cuasquias, a live music bar featuring the best artists in the islands and excellent Canarian cuisine.

  1. Santa Cruz Town on La Palma

A quaint port town on the volcanic island of La Palma, Santa Cruz will have you wandering its cobblestone streets, snapping photos of its colonial period architecture until you exhaust all the space of your memory cards. Be sure to stop at a local restaurant for some authentic homemade cuisine, and stop by one of the many gift shops and purchase a keepsake made by skilled local artisans.

  1. Summit Mount Teide

Mount Teide is the highest mountain in Spain, and the third highest volcano in the world. Sound like a trek that only rugged, young adventurers could tackle? Well, no worries on that account, as the Spaniards will help you conquer the steep slopes of this lofty peak via cable car, as a gondola takes only eight minutes to spirit you to the top of this impressive feat of nature.

While escaping the dreariness of a northern winter is often reason enough to plan a trip to warmer climes, it is often quite boring to simply lie on a beach for two weeks straight. In the Canary Islands, when baking your body becomes a bit of a stale routine, there are plenty of things to see and do here that will ensure that this trip is one for your personal history books!