5 Great Holiday Destinations in Europe

Europe, as a holiday destination, clearly defines the meaning of a tourist hub. Whether it’s with family and friends or that occasional business trip there are 5 great holiday destinations in Europe that are a must-visit.

In other words, a tour to Europe without a visit to at least one or two of the destinations will render your holiday incomplete. The large cities and multiple cultures characteristic of the resource rich continent have a lot to offer.

France certainly makes the top five on account of the rich culture that the French have managed to preserve over the years.

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Well known as the home of the Eiffel tower, the country stands out with a number of places to visit during your holiday. Visit the country and have a great time at Monet’s Garden where you can take a cycling or golfing holiday not to mention a short cooking course.

This is just but a tip of the ice berg as you can opt to enjoy your stay in some of the luxury hotels in the country.

Your next stop should probably be Great Britain. Here, the list is virtually endless on the holiday destinations to visit. The most popular places include the Lake District as well as Scotland among others. You can also visit London and enjoy the views of the beautiful city from the London eye.

For the ultimate beach experience, Spain has it all. It is a favorite among many tourists and has recently invested numerous resources in establishing itself as the place to be during the holidays.

The country offers one the unique opportunity to visit the Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca which are indeed great beach destinations.

Italy, on the other hand boasts great beaches as well. Moreover, the weather in this country is simply great in addition to the rich culture and fantastic food. Travel to Venice on the Orient Express to appreciate every aspect of what the city has to offer.

Thereafter, you could also visit Rome and Florence before you set out to enjoy views of the traditional architecture that the country is endowed with.

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For the slightly more laid back persona, Greece should raise an eyebrow. From the food, which is simple and healthy to the islands that attract tourists from all over the world, the country is the perfect place to relax and enjoy peace and tranquility as you take a boat ride and reside in some of the country’s villas.