Chu Mom Ray National Park

Chu Mom Ray National Park, formerly the nature preserve Chu Mom Ray, Kon Tum province is a national park in the system of special-use forests in Vietnam, about 30km to the Northwest from Kon Tum township, 56,000 ha of Chu Mom Ray National Park is the only national park of Vietnam adjacent to the two countries of Laos and Cambodia.

Adjacent to the Chu Mom Ray National Park is Virachey Cambodia’s National Parks and protected areas in Laos Southeast Ghong, the entire area has about 700,000ha of forests creating a large cross-country preserving area which is special important to the biodiversity conservation in Indochina and Southeast Asia.

Chu Mom Ray National Park has nearly 1,500 species of plants, which has 131 species identified as threatened as rare orchirds, minnow’s class, oil plants, and 2,000 species of rare plants like pedpcarpus fleurgi, bamboo pine, rosewood, barian kingwood. In terms of animals, there are 620 species with 11 species of mammals, 370 birds, 45 reptiles, 20 species of freshwater fish and 17 species of amphibians, 57 species of insects.

The pride of this land is that there are 114 species in the Red Book of Vietnam and the world. Especially, the pasture – wide valley Ja Book of more than 9,000ha wide is the largest in Vietnam, which attrachted many hoofed mammals and predators living as Truong Son cobra, buffalo, iger, bull, elephant, bear, leopard fire and hundreds of species of reptiles, amphibians.

Besides, on the high peaks like Ngoc Vil, Ngoc Tu Ba, Chu Mom Ray peak, there are many species of primates and other animals living in trees like monkey, langur, and rare birds like great hornbill, eagles land and peacock. Coming to Chu Mom Ray, you also visit the villages of the ethnic minorities; get to know Hlang grou, Gia Rai group, Ro Mam group, or Bo Rau group – one of the least numbers of people in the great family of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam.