The Blawan Waterfall in Bondowoso, Indonesia

The Blawan Waterfall is one of popular tourism destination in Bondowoso district, east Java. It is beautiful and unique and also located near the Ijen caldera. That makes the waterfall frequently visited by tourism to see the beautiful view of it. The waterfall is quite huge and high but you can only enjoy the beauty of it from the right side.

In the front and left side of the waterfall are surrounded with high cliff. However, the beauty of the waterfall will still be enjoyed. It has unique river end where the water that fall will directly enter the land. If you know Niagara waterfall, it would be like that. Besides enjoying the beauty of the waterfall, you can also visit other places that are attractive near the water fall.

There are other places you can go in the area of Blawan waterfall which are also popular and become favorite place to visit. You can find natural hot spring in Blawan, beautiful park, Pemandian Damar Wulan and other.

Natural Hot Spring Blawan

Not far from the waterfall, the visitor can enjoy the hot spring that is blended with sulfur from Ijen caldera. It will be very refreshing and unique to visit. You can find hot spring ne the waterfall. It is because this waterfall is an end of Pahitriver. Pahitriver is one of river that comes from Ijen caldera. So it is not impossible if there is natural hot spring that is blended with sulfur in Blawan waterfall.

DamarWulan Bathing

The other object that can be visited when you are in The Blawan Waterfall Bondowoso is Damar Wulan bathing place. In the location, there is a dam. Here you can enjoy the view of nature and the fresh water. The water is clean so it will be refreshing.

There is believe that someone who wash the face with the water in this location, they will have youthful look. If you want to try, then you can visit this place when visiting Blawan water fall. Do not forget to bring you camera and take the photos.

Park in Coffee Factory

There is a park that located near the coffee factory and has beautiful view. It is also located near the Blawan waterfall. So, if you are visiting Blawan waterfall, you can visit the park and enjoy the green view in there.

There is also small waterfall in this location that is also beautiful and look natural. It becomes perfect photo spot for you who want to capture you trip in Blawan waterfall with beautiful landscape.

If you are in east Java for your vacation, then you have to visit Bondowoso and put Blawan waterfall into your list for vacation. The location can be reached easily although the way is surrounded with cliff.

You will walk along the stairs to see the waterfall. It is something like challenging and fun trip to The Blawan Waterfall East Java. Come and enjoy the beautiful landscape and nuance of the waterfall and surrounding.