Beachside Boardwalks To Stroll This Summer

With the burgers, beer and a possible lakeside getaway in the books after an awesome Memorial Day weekend, summer is now off to a roaring start. Now that it is totally acceptable to rock the tank top and board shorts, it’s time to think about planning a trip to the beach before the hordes book everything up and you’re left doing a weak day trip to whatever is available locally.

While quiet beaches are wonderful and all, nothing beats the extroverted energy of a beach boardwalk destination. With tons of attractions, eateries, and people watching opportunities, these developments inject a tremendous amount of excitement to an urban beach, increasing the probability of you and your party having an awesome time.

So what places are worth planning a day’s worth of fun in the sun around? Below, we review three such beach boardwalks that you should be strolling this summer.

  1. Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

There are many places on the east coast of America that do the beach boardwalk experience in grand fashion, but no place has quite has the buzz that Atlantic City has, which makes sense considering that the concept of the beach boardwalk was born here in the 1870′s. Today, the Boardwalk businesses are booming once more, with tons of hotels, casinos, shops, and attractions like Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! are available to the boardwalk stroller seeking stimulation. Many stands serve up heaps of unhealthy but awesome foods, including saltwater taffy, which was invented here long ago.

  1. Brighton, England, UK

While Brighton may not be in the United States, this pier along a popular holiday coast in the United Kingdom practically begs to be explored by any travelers spending time in Europe this summer, but are seeking an all-around fun day at the beach during their trip. Midway rides from the tame to the daring will satiate adrenaline addicts, while those seeking to feed their grease lust will love the fact that one of the world’s best fish and chips restaurants can be found here.

  1. Santa Cruz, California, USA

Switching our focus back to the United States, west coasters have some excellent options for seaside entertainment as well, but none quite stand out like the boardwalk and pier at Santa Cruz. The Giant Dipper roller coaster is one of the most famous wooden versions of the ride in the world, making it a must for anybody who considers themselves a midway buff.