Ba Vi National Park

Located 60km from Hanoi to the west, Ba Vi National Park is one of the spectacular conservation, sightseeing and recreational area of Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district, Ha Tay province. The scenery here is glamorous, and nature mingles with human. Total area of ​​Ba Vi National Park is of 11,372ha of which the primary forest spanning over 2752ha, at altitudes from 100 – 1.296m of majestic Ba Vi Mount, with typical tropical and subtropical flora in Vietnam with green trees and fresh air during four seasons.

High mountain terrain and large forest covering bring to Ba Vi region the cool climate, especially in summer (from April to October of the calendar). In winter, covering cloud creates a deeply impressive landscape. Ba Vi is a complex of six mountain peaks with the highest peak is King peak of 1,296m, Tan Vien peak of 1,227m, Ngoc Hoa peak of 1,131m… King peak is the place to builld the temple worshiping Uncle Ho.

Opposite to King peak is a “pouch shaped” mountain roof to construct Upper temple where legend has it that it is the place Holy Tan – Son Tinh had his incarnation and worshipped by local people as a hero fighting with flood, invasion and the God connecting Viet-Muong tribes.

Ba Vi National Park is not only known as the lung of Hanoi capital but also the home to hundreds of wildlife species, many of which are rare and precious species listed in Vietnam Red Book. According to statistics of scientists, presently Ba Vi National Park has 812 species of vascular plants of 427 genera and 136 families.

It is also home to 15 species of rare and precious plants such as blue cypress, bamboo, and three-shot fern, silver leaf Bassia, wooden fern… ​​Ba Vi National Park also has 45 species of mammals, 115 species of birds, 27 species of amphibians, 61 reptiles, 86 species of insects, of which 23 precious and rare species are listed in the Red Book such as coolies, horse bears, yellow pangolins, white pheasants, monkeys, leopards, bears, flying squirrels…

Granted natural favor of topography and climate, Ba Vi National Park has become one of four ecological tourist areas of famous high mountains (Da Lat, Sa Pa, Ba Vi and Tam Dao). Moreover, Ba Vi Mountain is a place of spiritual tourism of Vietnamese. Every year, Ba Vi National Park welcomes tens of thousand visitors to visit and study. Visiting here, tourists shall enjoy the cool fresh air; taste of the mountain, trees; singing birds and murmuring streams at sidewalks.