Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park having major area of Ba Be lake with unique natural beauty has become the 1938th Ramsar site (significant wetland of international level) of the world and is the 3rd one in Vietnam just behind Xuan Thuy (Nam Dinh) and Bau Sau (Dong Nai).

Located in Bac Kan province, about 300km from Hanoi, Ba Be Lake is the highlight of the Northwestern mountain of Vietnam. Being surrounded by Limestone Mountains and situated at a height of 500 – 600m over sea level, Ba Be Lake consists of Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng lakes with total length of about 9 km, and width ranging from 0.2km to 1.7 kilometers with average depth of 17 to 23m (the deepest place of 38m).

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Ba Be Lake is connected with Nang River which is now in danger of being divided for construction of hydro-power dam.

Ba Be Lake acts as a natural reservoir supplying water to Nang River system while Dau Dang Fall acts as a dam for this system.

Ba Be Lake has is an extremely diversifying ecosystem, which is the habitat for many plant and animal species. One survey reveals that this unique ecosystem consists of over 1288 kinds of vascular plants (higher plant).

Particularly, here offers a development environment for some rare plant species of the world such as Nghien (scientific name: Burretiodendron hsienmu) which used to grow only in some particular areas in Vietnam and China.

As for fauna, ecological system of Ba Be Lake has about 553 species of vertebrate animals including 81 species of mammal, 332 species of bird, 48 species of ​​amphibian and 106 species of fish.

Many of which are listed in Red Book of International Union for Conservation of Nature such as: otter (Latin name: Lutra Lutra), long wing folded bat (scientific name: Miniopterus schreibersi), flying squirrel (scientific name: Belomys pearsonii).

With the favor of nature, Ba Be Lake was recognized as one of the 68 most significant wetlands with environmental value of international level.

This recognition will be the most effective advertising for Ba Be Lake in particular and Bac Kan province in general to attract domestic and foreign tourists, becoming the nation’s pride.

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Potential for outdoor activities in Ba Be Lake area can be very useful to organize picnic tour including trips combining kayaking, hiking, exploring cultures of Dao and H’mong ethnic minorities. This lake appears to be a paradise for kayaking.

Ba Be Lake is really a great destination for those who love adventure and want to explore the beauty of nature.