Vietnam Travel Guide: The Delectable Taste Of Hanoi Cuisine

Most people visiting Hanoi have been impressed by the special taste of Vietnamese food. The exquisite flavor of the country’s cuisine is also unique as compared to other regions within Southeast Asia. Food critics describe Vietnamese gourmet meals as the combination of several food influences of French, Indian and Malay. Health experts even claim that the foods available in Vietnam are some of the healthiest food worldwide. Referring to the Vietnam travel guide, the healthy meal is a composed of fresh mixed vegetables, cold noodles, seafood dishes and grilled meat. These are often garnished with chili and tamarind to add the distinct Vietnamese flavor.

Looking for a good place to eat in Hanoi is not a difficult task. A Vietnam travel guide may include some of the most appetizing cuisines for you to choose from during your stay in the region. The locals of Hanoi have great taste when it comes to providing delicious meals. The diverse nature of the Hanoi restaurants is clearly seen on their culinary art. The most prominent type of food that you would see in a Vietnamese meal is the mixed vegetables and herbs served with the dipping sauce. It is commonly combined with a meaty plate of meals ranging from beef, pork, prawn, chicken, duck to tropical fishes.

As the capital of the country, Vietnam travel guide also refers Hanoi as the best place to look for delicious cuisines among other cities of Vietnam. There are very many dining possibilities that would satisfy your appetite from shopping mall food courts to fine dining restaurants in hotels. These excellent food locations are scattered all across the city for your palatable taste to discover. You may want to refer on some food guides in order for you to locate which restaurants are serving the meals within your preference.

A good way to start your journey to the food districts of Hanoi is to eat your breakfast at local Pho stands. These food stalls serve delicious white noodles in a steaming meat broth. You may also want to try out the Chau meal, which is a combination of meat, herbs and scallions. You may find these sumptuous foods within the food stalls of Mai Hoc De and Dinh Liet. Both locations are famous for their deliciously hot bowls of noodles. Vietnam travel guide would definitely provide you enough information on how you can get your hands on these bowls of noodles.

When it comes to buttery pastries and healthy salads, the best place to go is at Hoa Sua. The location is very much favorable to individuals who have the likes of sweet foods. You may find these energy giving meals from the different restaurants around Hanoi such as the kangaroo caf and the Verandah Restaurant and Bar. For an elegant dinner, the Vietnam travel guide may direct you to the private hotels and clubs of Hanoi. Some of the most recommended places to go for fine dining include the Daewoo fine dining restaurant or the press clubs of the Sofitel Metropole Hotel.