Living It Up – Taking A Spa Hotel Bath In The Luxury Hotels Bath Has To Offer

Nothing says luxury like a spa hotel – and nothing says ‘spa hotel’ better than a spa hotel in Bath. Bath is of course the UK capital of the spa, with its Roman baths dating back thousands of years: and chic boutique style shops and accommodation now are filling its cobbled streets. The luxury hotels Bath has to offer are the pick of the UK’s crop: the spa hotel Bath has made its own, combining the history of the town with the excellence expected from modern hoteliers.

The spa has been the ideal of luxury for centuries. It’s a combination of pampering and healthfulness that has attracted wealthy clients from every walk of life – to take a spa is to offer oneself the ultimate indulgence, while at the same time carrying a connotation of rejuvenation; taking good care; looking after oneself. The hotel, while a more modern conceit, can be invested with a similar quality – staying in a hotel, if it’s a good one, can be as much of a luxury as the holiday itself. Indeed, truly great hotels are often the reason for a holiday: guests go to great hotels for the accommodation and its attendant luxuries rather than its surroundings.

The luxury hotels Bath has to offer grab the best of both reasons. The luxury hotels Bath is currently blessed with allow patrons the unrivalled splendour of top-grade accommodation, with gyms, five star restaurants and excellent beauty facilities; while offering one of the UK’s prime heritage cities as a surrounding area. Of these, a spa hotel Bath break has to be the ultimate in indulgence.

Taking a spa hotel bath is the pampering experience to end all pampering experiences: enjoying the languorous benefits of a day-long treatment at an exclusive spa, and then retiring to one’s room on the same premises – or perhaps popping into the restaurant for a light replenishing snack. When that spa hotel bath is taken in a hotel located in a town as rich in tradition as the spa city of Bath – well, the heights of luxury know no bounds.

Bath city is of course named for the spa bath – so it’s little wonder that the luxury hotels Bath contains are capitalising on the name. Little wonder, but great good fortune. Visitors to any luxury hotel Bath holds can enjoy an experience unparalleled in any other city in the country – a spa hotel bath, in a spa hotel, in Bath: the original UK home of luxurious living.