Nui Chua National Park

With the total natural area of 24,300ha, located in the boundary of the five communes (Cong Hai, Loi Hai, Phuong Hai, and Vinh Hai, Nhon Hai) of Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province, Nui Chua National Park are actually attracted tourists to the outstanding value of the topography, terrain, climate and high biological diversity. Although it has not been highly thrived on tourism, many businessmen have “an eye” to the ecotourism tours in this region.

Nui Chua National Park is home to the fry forest ecosystem typically with many clustered species and plentiful number and types. According to the initial survey of scientists, this place has 664 plants and 201 animal species; particularly there are many species of rare plants.

Being preserved many years, Nui Chua National Park gradually back to its pristine properties. The people around conserve voluntarily precious asset of the country. Green forests, rare animals find a quiet place to build nests, continuing to preserve its species. Running along the route 702 which has been upgraded, through winding roads meander with sites such as Stone Mountain Cliff (Da Vach mountain), Dong Nha spring, etc, the mountains are close to shore creating the beautiful landscapes.

There is the Lake on the Mountain Da Vach with the diameter of 80m, although it is situated in the extreme dry area but it still has water all year round. Rock strata along the lake are more popular undulating; the landscape is like a “bonsai”. Conversely Lo O stream, Dong Nha stream, Kien Kien streame, there are many high waterfalls, which create nice landscape.

The coastline is more than 40km long connecting popular tourist area of Ninh Chu is advantage for tourism development. The Vinh Hy bay has many ideal beaches with many famous coral ground. If being properly invested, visitors could enjoy pure air, wandering under the shade of forest trees, resting, listening to birds singing, the sound of murmuring streams. Natural freshness would be the spiritual kind of medicine for the comfortable after a stressful day at work.